Building Extensions

Site Project Solutions Ltd have helped hundreds of people extend their homes over the last 30 years ranging from contemporary urban glass extensions to traditional barn conversions. Our reputation has been built on designing beautiful spaces that not only improve the way you live but also add value to your home. Our 3D design process enables us to explore various design options with you before we embark on the detailed design phase allowing you to be confident that the final design really is right for you.

We will be able to manage your project from concept design through to project management of the build.

Kitchen Extensions

Over the years Site Project Solutions have become known for our inventive and inspirational kitchen extensions and have helped hundreds of home owners create open, bright and contemporary kitchen living spaces that combine cooking, dining and living within one social and inviting area.


A typical conservatory is one that can be closed off from the rest of the house, and is therefore separated from the main building by an external wall, door or windows. This means that it will not be a drain on your home’s energy supply when it is not in use. A conservatory that is not separated in this way can result in excessive amounts of energy wasted in the colder months and at night.

The best way to keep a conservatory warm and the overall conservatory cost down is to make sure that it has its own heating system – this way it will not take up energy from the rest of the house. An orangery, or sunroom, differs from a conservatory in this respect, as it is in fact a type of house extension that need not be separated by an external wall, but is a continuation of the main property itself. For this reason, orangeries tend to use more brickwork in their construction, and employ less glazing overall than a conservatory. If you are adding an orangery or sunroom to your property, then planning permission and building regulations are more likely to apply, although not necessarily. Consult your local council for more details or use the contact form below for more information.

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