Diamond Drilling


Site Project Solutions Ltd offer the facilities of diamond Drilling using our carefully selected partner company offering the following services.

Diamond Core Drilling Wet / Dry

Diamond core drilling produces a smooth positional accurate hole through reinforced concrete, brickwork and many other types of stone, with an absence of dust and vibration.

Using electric or hydraulic, powered drilling rigs, we can drill holes ranging from 12mm in diameter right up to 550mm in diameter.

 diamond drilling service
The diamond drilling service has a wide range of applications from holes in walls and floors for services, to extracting concrete cores for these purposes.

We also have the facilities for water control should this be required. –


The Diamond Wall Chasing process is invaluable to electrical and mechanical engineers for the installation of concealed conduit or pipes in either concrete or block work structures. The twin bladed machine easily and efficiently dry cuts chases of 45mm wide by 35mm deep and is virtually dust free. Wider chases for double or treble conduits can be achieved if required.

Track, Floor and Wire Sawing

Diamond wall sawing is a track-mounted system that is bolted to a wall and creates openings for doorways, windows and ducts. Other applications are creating separation joints prior to demolition and cutting openings where the floor saw would find it difficult to gain access.

wall sawing

Petrol or 3 phase electric driven hydraulic unit’s power wall saws. 

Diamond floor sawing ensures a fast and effective method of creating openings in reinforced concrete slabs or asphalt surfaces. It is particularly suited to forming openings for service and ventilation ducts, lift shafts, escalators and separation joints prior to demolition. Other applications include cutting expansion and crack inducing joints, cutting for trenches for utility contractors and forming clean-cut edges to concrete slab. Petrol, diesel or hydraulic units power diamond floor saws.

Diamond wire sawing is also known as ‘wire sawing’. A diamond beaded wire can be wrapped around almost any size or shape of concrete or masonry structure. It is then fed through a series of pulleys; the wire is then tensioned, rotated and then pulled through the concrete to be cut. –

General Strip Outs 

Often, the exterior of a building has to be preserved intact whilst the interior is completely stripped of partitioning, flooring and internal walls ready for refurbishment or redevelopment. We at Site Project Solutions Ltd. Have wide experience of painstaking and sensitive soft strip contracts.

This work requires careful control and management as the soft strip often reveals unexpected aspects of the building’s structural design. The successful outcome of many of these contracts depends on our expertise in temporary propping and with structural works with unforeseen or previously unquantifiable hazards being dealt with efficiently and effectively as part of the general contract.


We are not a ball and chain Demolition Company, what we offer is a more sympathetic deconstruction / structural alterations service ideal for change of current use.



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